Our Mission: Make Learning Chinese Fun and Fast.

Fun Fast Chinese is a digital platform that brings engaging content to Chinese learners. 

How do we make it fun?

By bringing you entertaining content that is fresh, relevant and timely.  Many Chinese learners we talked to love the idea of learning Chinese by listening to music or watching TV shows and movies. Yet, many sites use content that is boring, outdated, or just too weird. Our goal is to bring you content that is interesting and fun to watch, so you can feel even more motivated and excited to learn Chinese. 

How do we make it fast? 

By doing the heavy lifting. Gone are the days of struggling to follow along with what the speakers are saying, or constantly hitting pause to look up the pinyin for words. We provide everything in Chinese, Pinyin and English, so that you can have a more seamless learning experience. 


Full access members gain access to exclusive in depth content ranging from videos, documentaries, interviews, game shows, business talks, and more.


Guests are able to access to our blog, updated weekly, which provides a variety of free content, such as vocabulary, articles on culture, helpful learning resources, as well as (our favorite) highlighting new Chinese music.