Our Mission: Make Learning Chinese Fun and Fast.

Fun Fast Chinese is a digital platform that brings engaging content to Chinese learners.

How do we make it fun?

By bringing you fresh, relevant and timely content, available in Chinese, Pinyin, and English to include everyone. Unlike traditional sites, we go in depth into topics, providing our learners the terminology and phrases they need to master Chinese for their specific profession, hobby, business, or other need.

How do we make it fast? By doing the heavy lifting. Many of the Chinese learners we have talked to love the idea of learning Chinese while listening to music or watching an interesting show, but get easily overwhelmed or feel the constant need to pause, jump to different apps and sites to look up words and the cultural references. With FFC’s content, all that is built in for a seamless learning experience.


With full access membership you gain access to exclusive in depth content ranging from music videos, documentaries, interviews, game shows, business talks, and more.


Visitors to the site have access to our free content library, which holds different materials for Chinese learners. Also, check out our Chinese Vocabulary blog, as well as our new blog Learning Chinese Through Songs blogs, specifically curated to help the process of learning Chinese fun.